About Mi-Pellet Stoves

At Mi-Pellet Stoves we understand that investing in a pellet stove is a significant decision, so we want to help by offering you the best stove to suit your needs, your home, and your budget. 

Mi-Pellet Stoves is part of Mi-Flues, an Irish owned company with over 30 years’ experience in heating and other markets.  We are proud to be recognised for our technical expertise and excellent customer service and bring the same high standards to our Wood Pellet division at Mi-Pellet Stoves. 

Our Technical Team assess and approve all our stoves (and brands) so that you can be assured of the quality and reliability across our range. Our Authorised Stockists can advise you on all our makes and models. There is a network of Installers nationwide to install and commission your new pellet stove (see our Mi-Care section)

Mi-Pellet Stoves is the exclusive distributor of Palazzetti in Ireland, regarded as Italy’s most innovative wood pellet stove manufacturer, with over 60 years history.

Together with other ranges such as Royal and Punto Fuoco we believe we have a stove to suit everyone!

We Believe in

Our company culture is one of being Happy and Fulfilled in what we do, Leading and Empowering our people to be:


Open Minded






Our Pellet Stove Brands

Offering you the best stove to suit your needs, your home, and your budget.  


Our story began in 1954 with a company that was a “family business” in the truest sense of the word from the very start. Various generations have pooled their resources together to achieve one, ambitious goal: to heat homes in the most natural way possible, pursuing the highest efficiency paired with the lowest consumptions to offer unsurpassable comfort without harming the environment.

The company’s mission, which is still Palazzetti’s mainstay today, was defined as follows: to contribute to protect our world from the reckless use of non-renewable energies to let our planet, its inhabitants and even our houses recover and thrive.

Founded in 1915, Royal has always been a family-run business dedicated to domestic heat, simplicity and the sturdy way things used to be constructed in the past

Leisurely chats in front of the fireplace. A place where you can spend time with the ones you love. To smile over memories and create new ones. Royal’s products bring the warmth of tradition back to your home. Traditional style paired with elegant design. Reliable and easy to use. Affordable for all. Royal is the warmth of a fire. The warmth of a family. The warmth of home. 


An evergreen style that brings the warmth of tradition to today’s homes. 


Technological innovation guarantees safe products with excellent performances. 


An evergreen style that brings the warmth of tradition to today’s homes, products that are easy to install and designed to be simple enough to be used by everyone.

WHO WE ARE – Fire Point. 

A brand that represents maximum flexibility and with customized products. 

Warm the environment in an environmentally friendly way. 

Punto Fuoco products possess the requisites to satisfy the strictest environmental classification and eco-design regulations.

Our People are behind everything we do!

Our Leadership Team

Ann-Marie McCooey

Managing Director

Vincent Kavanagh

Sales Manager Commercial Division

Kieran Devaney

Sales & Marketing Manager

John O’Mara

Technical Manager

Ciara McCooey

Financial Controller

Siobhan O’Reilly

HR Manager