Mi-Care Assist

Mi-Pellet Stoves is part of Mi-Flues, an Irish-owned company with over 30 years’ experience in heating and other markets.

Our Technical Team assess and approve all our stoves (and brands) so that you can be assured of the quality and reliability across our range.

We work closely with all our Stockists, helping to ensure they have the know-how and support they need to help you with your stove selection, and in the aftercare service also.

There is a network of independent installers nationwide which we work with closely, providing expertise and training, to ensure stoves are installed as per Irish Building Regulations. 

Installer Network

Check out Pellet Stove installers in your area by clicking on the link below.
Details of additional Installers may also be available from the Store where you purchase your stove.
Check in-store for details.


We have long established relationships with stores nationwide, built on working successfully in partnership with them for many years.

How To Videos

Operating and maintaining your wood pellet stove is not at all complicated. 

From time to time, we may add short videos which we feel you could find helpful or informative so check back when you can for further updates.


Why buy a wood pellet stove?

  • Fuel cost approx. 40 cent per hour (based on current pellet prices) 
  • Heat in a matter of minutes at the touch of a button
  • Heat that can be programmed to the temperature you want when you want it
  • They suit both traditional and modern living habits
  • They can be controlled remotely
  • Eco friendly fuel (carbon neutral)

Where can I buy wood pellets and in what quantities are they sold?

Wood pellets are readily available through your local hardware store or merchant, or through fuel merchants.  They are available in either 10kg or 15kg bags. 

Where do I store my wood pellets?

The bags of pellets must be kept in a place that is dry and not too cold.  Pellets must comply with the requirements of European standards.  This verification will be printed on the bag.

How long will a bag of pellets last?

A standard 15kg bag of pellets will burn for up to 25hrs with you having to having to refuel the stove. 

Can I burn other fuels in the stove?

No. Pellets are the only type of fuel that can be used in wood pellet stoves.  The stove must not be used as a rubbish incinerator.

How much ash is generated?

Almost no ash is generated (approx. half a cup based on 25hrs burning)

What size stove do I need?

As an indicator, please use the following sizing suggestions: 

House with poor insulation value – 1 kW per 10m2 based on standard ceiling height of 2.7 metre

House with medium insulation value – 1 kW per 15m2 based on standard ceiling height of 2.7 metre

New house with high insulation value – 1 kW per 25m2 based on standard ceiling height of 2.7 metre

Do I need a chimney?

Yes.  As this is solid fuel appliance it will require a properly functioning chimney. 

Please see typical pellet stove installations chart for further details

If I don’t have an existing masonry chimney, can I still install a wood pellet stove?

Yes.  In this situation you can install a twin wall insulated chimney system provided by Mi-Flues.  This can be installed internally through the building and out through the roof, or if your stove is on an external wall the chimney can be passed through the external wall and rise on the outside. 

Please see typical stove installations chart for further details

Do Pellet stoves need to be maintained and serviced?

Yes.  You should carry out the recommended weekly and monthly cleaning inspections to ensure the optimum performance of your pellet stove.  This recommended maintenance is simple and will take a faction of the time required for a traditional solid fuel stove. 

Does a wood pellet stove need a power supply?

Yes.  It plugs into your normal 3 pin socket.  Power consumption is extremely low, costs approx. €3.00 – €5.00 per month.

If I have an airtight of passive home, can I still install a wood pellet stove?

Yes. Some stove models are specifically designed for airtight and passive homes.

Do the wood pellet stoves featured on this site comply with European Union standards?

Yes, all our wood pellet stoves are fully compliant with the latest European Union standards.


There is a 2-year Conditional Warranty on all our Pellet Stoves.  Further details available in stove manuals.